Prince Oddone o Savoy, Duke o Montferrat

Prince Oddone o Savoy, Duke o Montferrat (Oddone Eugenio Maria; 11 Julie 1846 – 22 Januar 1866) was an Italian humanist and philanthropist. He wis the fourth child an third eldest son o King Victor Emmanuel II o Italy an his wife Adelaide o Austrick. He wis a Prince o Savoy an wis awarded the teetle Duke o Montferrat. He wis a brither o the future Keeng Umberto I o Italy an Queen Maria Pia o Portugal.

Prince Oddone o Savoy
Duke o Montferrat
Oddone with his brother Amadeo.png
1850 photograph o Prince Oddone with his brither Prince Amadeo, Duke o Aosta.
Born11 Julie 1846(1846-07-11)
Racconigi, Turin, Italy
Dee'd22 Januar 1866(1866-01-22) (aged 19)
Ryal Pailace, Genoa, Italy
Full name
Oddone Eugenio Maria di Savoia
HooseHouse of Savoy
FaitherVictor Emmanuel II o Italy
MitherAdelaide o Austrick
Crown of a Duke of France (variant).svg
Coat of arms of Savoie.svg

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