Prince Maurizio o Savoy

Prince Maurizio o Savoy (10 Januar 1593 – 4 October 1657) wis a Prince o Savoy an a 17t-century Cardinal. It wis Maurice who owned the future Villa della Regina an wis an inhabitant o the future Palazzo Chiablese. Aged 14, in 1607, he became cardinal an bishop o Vercelli. On 4 Juin 1627 he became the abbot o the monastery at Abondance an in 1637. In 1642 he left the clergy tae acome Prince o Oneglia (1642) an Marquis o Berzezio (1648). On 28 August 1642 he marit his niece Princess Luisa Cristina o Savoy in Turin. Thay haed nae childer. He wis creatit cardinal bi Pape Paul V. He wis cried the Cardinal o Savoy.

Prince Maurizio o Savoy
Prince o Savoy
Portrait of Prince Maurice of Savoy.PNG
Cardinal-Prince Maurizio bi an unknown artist. Sabauda Gallery.
Born10 Januar 1593
Turin, Savoy
Dee'd4 October 1657(1657-10-04) (aged 64)
Vigno di Madama, Turin
SpousePrincess Luisa Cristina o Savoy
Full name
Maurizio di Savoia
FaitherCharles Emmanuel I, Duke o Savoy
MitherCatherine Michelle o Austrick
ReleegionRoman Catholicism

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