Prince Ludwig Friedrich o Saxe-Hildburghausen

Prince Ludwig Friedrich o Saxe-Hildburghausen (11 September 1710 – 10 Juin 1759), wis a Prince o Saxe-Hildburghausen an General Field Marshal in the Bavarien airmy

Ludwig Friedrich o Saxe-Hildburghausen
Prince o Saxe-Hildburghausen
Prince Louis Frederick of Saxe-Hildburghausen
Born11 September 1710(1710-09-11)
Dee'd10 Juin 1759(1759-06-10) (aged 48)
SpouseChristiane Louise o Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Plön
FaitherErnst Friedrich I, Duke o Saxe-Hildburghausen
MitherCoontess Sophia Albertine o Erbach-Erbach


He mairit on 4 Mey 1749 in Weikersheim Christiane Luise (1713–1778), dochter o Duke Joachim Friedrich Holstein-Sonderburg-Plön an widow o Coont Louis Albert o Hohenlohe-Weikersheim. The mairiage remained childless. Through financial contributions o the hoose o Hohenlohe, the prince managed tae complete an expensive restoration o Hellingen manor. Pursued bi creditors, he returned tae active service in the Netherlands. He died in 1759, as governor o Nijmegen.