Prince Gustaf, Duke o Uppland

Prince Gustaf o Swaden an Norawa, Duke o Uppland (Frans Gustaf Oscar, 18 Juin 1827 – 24 September 1852), also kent officially as Gustav, wis the seicont son o Oscar I o Swaden an Josephine o Leuchtenberg, an the younger brither o Prince (from 1844 Croun Prince) Charles.

Prince Gustaf
Duke o Uppland
Gustav of Sweden & Norway (1827) c 1850.jpg
Prince Gustaf
Born18 Juin 1827(1827-06-18)
Haga Pailace, Solna, Sweden
Dee'd24 September 1852(1852-09-24) (aged 25)
Christiana Pailace, Oslo, Norway
Full name
Frans Gustaf Oscar
FaitherOscar I o Swaden
MitherJosephine o Leuchtenberg
Armoiries du Prince Gustave duc d'Uppland de 1844 à 1852.svg

Frae 1844 until his daith in 1852, Gustaf wis second-in-line tae the Swadish an Norawagien thrones, during maist o his father's ring. On 11 Februar 1846, he wis made an honorar member o the Ryal Swadish Academy o Sciences, on the same day as his brither Charles. He died frae typhoid fever.