Prince Franz Xavier o Saxony

Prince Franz Xavier o Saxony (25 August 1730 – 21 Juin 1806) wis a Saxon prince an member o the House o Wettin. He wis the fowert but seicont surviving son o Augustus III, Keeng o Poland an Elector o Saxony, an Maria Josepha o Austrick.

Franz Xavier
Co-Regent o the Electorate of Saxony
Prince of Saxony
Franciszek Ksawery Wettin.jpeg
Ring17 December 1763 – 23 December 1768
Born25 August 1730(1730-08-25)
Dee'd21 Juin 1806(1806-06-21) (aged 75)
Schloss Zabeltitz, Dresden
BuirialKatholische Hofkirche
SpouseMaria Chiara Spinucci
IssueLudwig, Graf von der Lausitz
Clara Maria, Gräfin von der Lausitz
Joseph Xavier, Graf von der Lausitz
Elisabeth Ursula, Duchess o Esclignac
Maria Anna, Princess o Oriolo
Beatrix Marie, Marchesa o Corleto
Kunigunde Anna, Marchesa Naro Montoro
Maria Christina Sabina, Princess of Arsoli
stillborn son
Cecilie Marie, Gräfin von der Lausitz
Full name
Franz Xavier Albert August Ludwig Benno
HooseHouse o Wettin
FaitherAugustus III o Poland
MitherMaria Josepha o Austrick
ReleegionRoman Catholicism

Secret MiriageEedit

In Dresden on 9 Mairch 1765 Franz Xavier mairit morganatically an Italian lady-in-waiting tae his sister-in-law, the Dowager Electress, the contessa Maria Chiara Spinucci. The union wis kept secret until 1777 when it wis formally annoonced an legitimised.

In 1769, Franz Xavier moved his faimily tae Fraunce, the home o his younger sister, Marie Josèphe o Saxony, wha haed died twa years earlier. He lived in Fraunce for awmaist twinty years unner the assumed teetle o Coont o Lusatia (fr: Comte de Lusace, de: Graf von der Lausitz). In 1774, his nephew, Louis XVI, became the keeng o the kintra. Franz Xavier an his faimily chose tae flee Fraunce at the beginnin o the French Revolution. Thay moved tae Roum; while in Roum, the Prince sat for a bust bi Domenico Cardelli. Efter the daith o his wife in 1792, he remained in Roum for some years. Eventually, tho, he returned tae Saxony an settled intae Schloss Zabeltitz. Franz Xavier lived thare until his daith.


During thair mairiage, Franz Xavier an Maria Chiara haed ten childer —kent as coonts an coontesses o Lusatia (de: Graf/Gräfin von der Lausitz)

  1. Ludwig Ruprecht Joseph Xavier (27 Mairch 1766 - 22 August 1782).
  2. Clara Maria Augusta Beatrice (27 Mairch 1766 - 18 November 1766), twin o Ludwig.
  3. Joseph Xavier Karl Raphael Philipp Benno (23 August 1767 - 26 Juin 1802), cried "Le Chevalier de Saxe".
  4. Elisabeth Ursula Anna Cordula Xaveria (22 October 1768 - 3 Mey 1844), cried "Mademoiselle de Saxe"; mairit Henri de Preissac, Duke o Esclignac.
  5. Maria Anna Violente Katharina Martha Xaveria (20 October 1770 - d. 24 December 1845), mairit Prince Don Paluzzo Altieri, Prince o Oriolo.
  6. Beatrix Marie Françoise Brigitte (1 Februar 1772 - 6 Februar 1806), mairit Don Raffaele Riario-Sforza, Marchese di Corleto.
  7. Kunigunde Anna Helena Maria Josepha (18 Mairch 1774 - 18 October 1828), mairit Marchese Don Giovanni Patrizi Naro Montoro.
  8. Maria Christina Sabina (30 December 1775 - 20 August 1837), mairit on 24 Mairch 1796 tae Don Camillo Massimiliano Massimo, Prince o Arsoli.
  9. Stillborn son (22 December 1777).
  10. Cecilie Marie Adelaide Augustine (17 December 1779 - 24 Juin 1781).