Prince Emmanuel Thomas o Savoy, Coont o Soissons

Prince Emmanuel Thomas o Savoy, Coont o Soissons wis a member o Carignano branch o the Hoose o Savoy. He wis Coont o Soissons. He fought in the War o the Spaingie Succession.

Thomas Emmanuel o Savoy
Coont o Soissons
Emmanuel-Thomas de Savoie-Carignan, Comte de Soissons par David Richter 1710.jpg
Emanuel Thomas bi David Richter, 1710.
Born8 December 1687
Dee'd28 December 1729(1729-12-28) (aged 42)
Vienna, Austrick
SpousePrincess Maria Theresia o Liechtenstein
IssueEugene Jean, Coont o Soissons
FaitherLouis Thomas, Coont o Soissons
MitherUranie de La Cropte
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Armoiries Savoie-Carignan-Soissons.svg


He On 24 October 1713 he mairit Princess Maria Theresia o Liechtenstein, Duchess o Troppau. They haed one son.


  1. Prince Eugene Jean o Savoy, Coont o Soissons (23 September 1714 – 24 November 1734) mairit Maria Teresa Cybo-Malaspina bi proxy, but died 13 days after without childer.