Prince Dietrich o Anhalt-Dessau

Prince Dietrich o Anhalt-Dessau (2 August 1702 - 2 December 1769), was a German prince of the House of Ascania an later on regent o the principality o Anhalt-Dessau. He wis a Generalfeldmarschall (general) in the airmy o Proushie. Prince Dietrich niver mairit an haed nae kent issue. His personal residence in Dessau wis the Palais Dietrich. He wis regent frae 16 December 1751 tae 1758.

Prince Dietrich o Anhalt-Dessau
Regent o Anhalt-Dessau
Dietrich von Anhalt-Dessau.jpg
Born2 August 1702
Dee'd2 December 1769 (aged 67)
Palais Dietrich, Dessau
Spouseniver mairit
FaitherLeopold I, Prince o Anhalt-Dessau
MitherAnna Louise Föhse