Polygyny permittit an practiced.
  Legal status unkent or ambiguous.
  Polygyny generally illegal, but its practice nae fully criminalised.
  Polygamy fully ootlawed an abolished an its practice fully criminalised.
  • In Indie, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysie, Sri Lanka, an Eritrea, polygamy is anly legal for Muslims.
  • In Sooth Africae, polygamous marriages unner customary law an for Muslims are legally recognised.
  • In Mauritius, polygamous unions hae no legal recogneetion. Muslim men mey, however, "marry" up tae fower women, but thay dae nae hae the legal status o wives.

Polygamy (frae Late Greek πολυγαμία, polygamia, "state o marriage tae mony spooses" or "frequent marriage")[1][2][3][4] involves marriage that includes mair nor twa partners an can faw unner the broader category o polyamory.[5][6]


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