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Polycarp (Greek: Πολύκαρπος, Polýkarpos; Laitin: Polycarpus; AD 69 – 155) wis a 2nt-century Christian beeshop o Smyrna.[2] Accordin tae the Martyrdom o Polycarp he dee'd a mairtyr, boond an birned at the stak, then stobbed whan the fire failed tae titch him.[3] Polycarp is regairdit as a saunt an Kirk Faither in the Eastren Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican, an Lutheran kirks.

Saunt Polycarp
Burghers michael saintpolycarp.jpg
S. Polycarpus, engravin bi Michael Burghers, ca 1685
Martyr, Kirk Faither an Bishop o Smyrna
Born AD 69
Dee'd 156
Smyrna, Asie, Roman Empire
Veneratit in Eastren Orthodox Kirk,
Oriental Orthodox Kirk,
Roman Catholic Kirk,[1]
Anglican Communion,
Lutheran Kirk
Feast Februar 23 (umwhile Januar 26)
Attributes wearin the pallium, hauldin a beuk representin his Letter tae the Philippians
Patronage against earache, dysentery
Major warks Polycarp's letter tae the Philippians