Pols–Soviet War

The Pols–Soviet War (Februar 1919 – Mairch 1921) wis an airmed conflict that pittit Soviet Roushie an Soviet Ukraine against the Seicont Pols Republic an the Ukrainian Fowkrepublic ower the control o an aurie equivalent tae the day's Ukraine an pairts o modren-day Belaroushie.

Pols–Soviet War
Pairt o the Roushie Ceevil War
Polish-soviet war montage.jpg
Tap left: Pols Renault FT tanks o the Pols 1st Tank Regiment during the Battle o Dyneburg, Januar 1920.

Below left: Pols an Ukrainian truips in Kiev, Kiev Offensive (1920) Khreshchatyk, 7 Mey 1920.
Tap richt: Pols Schwarzlose M.07/12 MG nest during the Battle o Radzymin, August 1920.
Middle: Polish defences with a machine gun position near Miłosna, in the veelage o Janki, Battle o Warsaw, August 1920.
Bottom left: Roushie preesoners on the road atween Radzymin an Warsaw efter the attack o the Red Airmy on Warsaw.

Bottom richt: Pols defensive fichting poseetions on Belaroushie, Battle o Niemen, September 1920.
LocationCentral an Eastren Europe
  • Pols Victory
  • Pols forces prevent Soviet occupation o Poland[N 1]
  • Soviet forces tak control o Ukraine
  • Peace o Riga
 Russian SFSR
 Ukrainian SSR

Republic o Poland

Ukrainian Fowkrepublic
Commanders an leaders
Roushie Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Leon Trotsky
Roushie Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Mikhail Tukhachevsky (Wastren Front)
Roushie Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Joseph Stalin (Lviv/Lwów front)
Roushie Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Alexander Ilyich Yegorov (Soothwastren Front)
Roushie Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Semyon Budyonny (1st Cavalry Airmy)
Flag of Poland.svg Józef Piłsudski
Flag of Poland.svg Tadeusz Rozwadowski
Flag of Poland.svg Edward Rydz-Śmigły
Flag of Poland.svg Władysław Sikorski
Flag of the Ukrainian State.svg Symon Petlyura
Frae ~50,000 in early 1919[1] tae awmaist 800,000 in simmer 1920[2] Frae ~50,000 in early 1919[3] tae ~738,000 in August 1920[4]
Casualties an losses

Estimatit 60,000 killed[5]
80,000 – 157,000 taken prisoner [6][7]

(including rear-area personnel)
Aboot 48,000 killed[8][9]
113,518 woondit[9]
51,351 taken prisoner[9]
Names of Polish Armed Forces mortal casualties
in period 1918 – 1920
totalin 47,055


  1. Roushie an Pols historians tend tae assign victory tae their respective kintras. Ootside assessments vary, maistly atween cryin the result a Pols victory or inconclusive. Lenin, in his secret report tae the 9t Conference o the Bolshevik Pairty on 20 September 1920, cried the ootcome o the war, "In a wird, a gigantic, unheard-o defeat." (See Lenin 1996, p. 106)


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