Palazzo Pitti

(Reguidit frae Pitti Palace)
Early, tintit 20t-century photograph o the Palazzo Pitti, then still kent as La Residenza Reale follaein the residency o Keeng Victor Emmanuel II atween 1865 an 1871, when Florence wis the caipital o Italy.

The Palazzo Pitti (Italian pronunciation: [paˈlattso ˈpitti]), whiles cried the Pitti Palace, is a vast, mainly Renaissance, palace in Florence, Italy. It is situatit on the sooth side o the River Arno, a short distance frae the Ponte Vecchio. The core o the present palazzo dates frae 1458 an wis oreeginally the toun residence o Luca Pitti, an ambeetious Florentine banker.

Coordinates: 43°45′55″N 11°15′00″E / 43.7652°N 11.2501°E / 43.7652; 11.2501