Philippe de la Mothe-Houdancourt, Duke o Cardona

Philippe de la Mothe-Houdancourt, Coont o la Mothe, Duke o Cardona (1605 – Mairch 24 1657) wis a french nobleman known as the Duke o Cardona. He wis also a Marshal o Fraunce who fought in the Thirty Years' War. He wis created a Marshal o Fraunce bi Keeng Louis XIII an wis known as the Maréchal de La Mothe.

Philippe de la Mothe
Duke o Cardona
Full name
Philippe de la Mothe-Houdancourt
Dee'dMairch 24 1657 (aged 52)
Spoose(s)Louise de Prie
Françoise Angélique, Duchess o Aumont
Charlotte, Duchess o Ventadour
Marie Isabelle, Duchess o La Ferté-Senneterre
MitherLouise Charles du Plessis


He married in Louise de Prie (1624-1709) in 1650 , Marquise o Toucy, they haed 3 daughters.


  1. Françoise Angélique de la Mothe (1650-1711), mairit Louis Marie Victor d'Aumont, Duke o Aumont but haed nae issue.
  2. Charlotte Éléonore Madeleine de la Mothe (1651-1744) mairit Louis Charles de Lévis, Duke o Ventadour an haed issue.
  3. Marie Isabelle Angéliquede la Mothe (or Marie Gabrielle Angélique) (1654-1726), mairit Henri François de Saint Nectaire, Duke o La Ferté-Senneterre.

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