Philippe de Courcillon, Marquis o Dangeau

Philippe de Courcillon, Marquis o Dangeau (21 September 1638 – 9 September 1720) wis a french nobleman an Marquis. His teetle wis Marquis o Dangeau (Marquis de Dangeau) he is famous for his diary which he kept frae 1684 until the year o his daith. From 1684 to 1720. He kept a journal on daily life at the coort o Versailles. Extracts from it were published bi Voltaire in 1770, by Madame de Genlis in 1817 an bi Pierre Édouard Lémontey in 1818. It was whilst writing notes on these memoirs that Saint Simon undertook tae write his own "Mémoires". He wis also a member o the Académie française.

Philippe de Courcillon
Marquis o Dangeau
Portrait Of Philippe De Courcillon.jpg
The Marquis o Dangeau bi Rigaud.
Full name
Philippe de Courcillon
Born21 September 1638
chhâteau de Dangeau
Dee'd9 September 1720 (aged 81)
Paris, Fraunce
Spoose(s)Anne Françoise Morin
Sophia o Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rochefort
Philippe Egon, Marquis o Courcillon
Marie Anne, Duchess o Montfort
FaitherLouis de Courcillon, Marquis o Dangeau
MitherCharlotte des Nouhes

First mairiageEedit

He first mairit Anne Françoise Morin on 11 Mey 1670. They haed one child:


  1. Marie Anne Jeanne de Courcillon (170?-28 Juin 1718) mairit Honoré Charles Edouard d'Albert, Duke o Montfort.

Second mairiageEedit

His second mairiage wis tae Sophia Maria Wilhelmina o Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rochefort at Versailles on 26 Mairch 1686. They also haed one child. Sophia wis a "Dame du palais" tae Marie Adélaïde o Savoy, Duchess o Burgundy.


  1. Philippe Egon de Courcillon, Marquis o Courcillon (1684-September 20 1719) called the Marquis o Courcillon, mairit Françoise de Pompadour.

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