Philipp, Landgrave o Hesse

Philipp, Landgrave o Hesse (13 November 1504 – 31 Mairch 1567), cried der Großmütige ("the magnanimous"), was a champion o the Protestant Reformation an ane o the most important o the early Protestant rulers in Germany. Three o his sons founded cadet branches o the hoose o Hesse, including Kassel, Rotenburg an Darmstadt.

Philipp I
Landgrave o Hesse
Philipp I Merian.JPG
Philip of Hesse, etching bi Matthäus Merian.
Born13 November 1504
Marburg, Landgraviate o Hesse, HRE
Dee'd31 Mairch 1567 (aged 62)
Kassel, Hesse, HRE
FaitherWilliam II, Landgrave o Hesse
MitherAnna o Mecklenburg-Schwerin
ReleegionLutheran (since 1524)
Roman Catholic (until 1524)
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