Philip III o Fraunce

Philip III (30 Aprile 1245 – 5 October 1285), cried the Bauld (French: le Hardi),[1] wis a Capetian Keeng o Fraunce who reigned frae 1270 tae 1285.

Philip III the Bauld
Miniature Philippe III Courronement.jpg
Coronation o Keeng Philip III
Keeng o Fraunce (mair...)
Ring25 August 1270 – 5 October 1285
Coronation30 August 1271
PredecessorLouis IX
SuccessorPhilip IV
Born30 Apryle 1245(1245-04-30)
Dee'd5 October 1285(1285-10-05) (aged 40)
BuirialInitially Narbonne, later Saunt Denis Basilica
SpouseIsabella o Aragon
Maria o Brabant
IssueLouis o Fraunce
Philip IV o Fraunce
Charles, Coont o Valois
Louis, Coont o Évreux
Blanche, Duchess o Austrick
Margaret, Queen o Ingland
HooseHoose o Capet
FaitherLouis IX o Fraunce
MitherMargaret o Provence
ReleegionRoman Catholicism


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