Philip Emanuel, Prince o Piedmont

Filippo Emanuele, Prince o Piedmont wis the son o Charles Emmanuel I o Savoy an Infanta Catherine Michelle o Spain an wis the heir apparent tae the Duchy o Savoy until his daith in 1605. Ane o his younger brithers wis the first Prince o Carignan.[citation needit] Upon his daith, his brither Prince Vittorio Amadeo became heir tae the throne, an thus the Prince o Piedmont.[citation needit]

Filippo Emanuele
Prince o Piedmont
Juan Pantoja de la Cruz - Portrait of Prince Philip Emmanuel of Savoy - Google Art Project.jpg
BornApril 1586
Dee'dFebruar 1605
Full name
Filippo Emanuele di Savoia
FaitherCharles Emmanuel
MitherCatalina Micaela o Austrick


He died in Valladolid on Februar 9, 1605, as a result o smawpox which wis common at the time, as a result o his daith his broither Vittorio Amedeo became heir apparent an wis styled the Prince o Pidemont an became Duke later on,his brither kept his faithers treaty wi Keeng Henri IV o Fraunce an mairit Christine o Fraunce as a part o the alliance.