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Percy Bysshe Shelley (Listeni/ˈpɜːrsi ˈbɪʃ ˈʃɛli/;[2] 4 August 1792 – 8 Julie 1822) wis ane of the major Inglis Romantic poets, an is regairdit bi some as amang the finest lyric, as well as epic, poets in the Inglis leid. A radical in his poetry as well as in his poleetical an social views, Shelley did nae see fame during his lifetime, but recogneetion for his poetry grew steadily follaein his daith. Shelley wis a key member o a close circle o veesionar poets an writers that included Laird Byron; Leigh Hunt; Thomas Love Peacock; an his ain seicont wife, Mary Shelley, the author o Frankenstein.

Percy Bysshe Shelley
Percy Bysshe Shelley by Alfred Clint.jpg
Portrait o Shelley, bi Alfred Clint (1819)
Born 4 August 1792(1792-08-04)
Field Place, Horsham, Sussex, Ingland[1]
Dee'd 8 Julie 1822(1822-07-08) (aged 29)
Gulf o La Spezia, Kinrick o Sardinie (nou Italy)
Thrift Poet, dramatist, essayist, novelist
Alma mater University College, Oxford
Leeterar muivement Romanticism
Spoose Mary Shelley (m. 1816–1822; his daith)



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  2. Bysshe is pronoonced as if written bish.