The Peninsular War[c] }} (1807–14) wis a militar conflict atween Napoleon's empire an the allied powers o Spain, Breetain an Portugal, for control o the Iberian Peninsula during the Napoleonic Wars.

Peninsular War
Pairt o the Napoleonic Wars
El dos de mayo de 1808 en Madrid rdit.jpg
The Seicont o Mey 1808: The Chairge o the Mamelukes bi Francisco de Goya, 1814
Date2 May 1808 (whiles 27 October 1807[a]) – 17 Apryle 1814[b]
(5 years, 11 months, 2 weeks and 1 day)
LocationIberian Peninsula an soothren Fraunce
Commanders an leaders


  1. Some accoonts merk the Franco-Spanish invasion o Portugal as the beginnin o the war (Glover 2001, p. 45).
  2. Denotes the date o the general armistice atween Fraunce an the Saxt Coaleetion (Glover 2001, p. 335).
  3. Ither names:
    • Basque: Iberiar Penintsulako Gerra ("Iberian Peninsular War") or Espainiako Independentzia Gerra ("Spaingie War o Unthirldom")
    • Catalan: Guerra del Francès ("War o the Frenchman")
    • French: Guerre d'Espagne et du Portugal ("War in Spain an in Portugal") or Campagne d'Espagne ("Spaingie Campaign")
    • Galician: Guerra da Independencia española ("War o Spaingie Unthirldom")
    • Portuguese: Invasões Francesas ("French Invasions") or Guerra Peninsular ("Peninsular War")
    • Spaingie: Mony names, includin the la Francesada, Guerra de la Independencia ("Unthirldom War"), Guerra Peninsular ("Peninsular War"), Guerra de España ("War o Spain"), Guerra del Francés ("War o the French"), Guerra de los Seis Años ("Sax Years' War"), Levantamiento y revolución de los españoles ("Risin an Revolution o the Spaniards")