Pedro III o Portugal

Pedro III o Portugal (Pedro Clemente Francisco José António; 5 Julie 1717 – 25 Mey 1786) wis born an Infante o Portugal an became King o Portugal jure uxoris bi the accession o his wife an niece Queen Maria I o Portugal in 1777. He co-reigned alongside her until his daith. His aulder sister wis Queen Maria Bárbara o Spain. His mither Maria Anna o Austrick wis a dochter o Leopold I, Haly Roman Emperor an sister o Joseph I, Haly Roman Emperor an Charles VI, Haly Roman Emperor makin Pedro a cousin o the future Empress Maria Theresa.

Pedro III
Retrato duplo de D. Maria I e D. Pedro III - século XVIII (Museu Nacional dos Coches, Antigo Picadeiro Real).png
Queen Maria I o Portugal an her husband Keeng Pedro III bi an unknown artist.
Keeng o Portugal
Ring24 Februar 1777 – 25 Mey 1786
SuccessorMaria I
Co-monarchMaria I
Born5 Julie 1717(1717-07-05)
Lisbon, Portugal
Dee'd25 Mey 1786(1786-05-25) (aged 68)
Queluz, Portugal
BuirialPantheon o the Braganzas
SpouseMaria I of Portugal
(m. 1760)
Full name
Pedro Clemente Francisco José António de Bragança
FaitherJohn V o Portugal
MitherMaria Anna o Austrick
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Portugal (1640-1910).png


On 6 Juin 1760 The Infante Pedro o Portugal mairit his neice Infanta Maria o Portugal, Princess o Brazil


  1. José, Prince o Brazil (20 August 1761 - 11 September 1788) Infanta Benedita o Portugal but haed nae childer.
  2. Infante João o Portugal (20 October 1762 - 20 October 1762) stillborn son.
  3. Infante João Francisco o Portugal (16 September 1763 - 10 October 1763) died in infancy.
  4. João VI o Portugal (13 Mey 1767 - 10 Mairch 1826) mairit Carlota Joaquina o Spain an haed childer. Wis King o Portugal an Emperor o Brazil.
  5. Infanta Mariana Vitória o Portugal (15 December 1768 - 2 November 1788) mairit Infante Gabriel o Spain an haed childer.
  6. Infanta Maria Clementina o Portugal (9 Juin 1774 - 27 Juin 1776) died young.
  7. Infanta Maria Isabel o Portugal (12 December 1776 - 14 Januar 1777) died young.

Teetles an stylesEedit

  • 5 Julie 1717 – 6 Juin 1760 His Highness The Serene Infante Pedro o Portugal.
  • 6 Juin 1760 – 24 Februar 1777 His Ryal Highness The Prínce o Brazil.
  • 24 Februar 1777 – 25 Mey 1786 His Maist Faithful Majesty The King [o Portugal an the Algarves]

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