Pavlos, Croun Prince o Greece

Pavlos, Croun Prince o Greece (born 20 Mey 1967) is the son o the prtender Constantine II o Greece (King o the Hellenes) an uises the teetle Croun Prince o Greece. As Greece is a republic, his [[teetle o Croun Prince is nae longer recognised, but as a descendant o Keeng Christian IX o Denmark he is allowed tae uise the style o Highness instead o Ryal Highness.

Croun Prince o Greece
Pavlos in 2013
Born (1967-05-20) 20 Mey 1967 (age 56)
Tatoi Pailace, Tatoi, Greece
SpouseMarie-Chantal Miller (m. 1995)
FaitherConstantine II o Greece
MitherAnne-Marie o Denmark
ReleegionGreek Orthodox

Mairiage Eedit

On 1 Julie 1995, in Lunnon, he mairit Marie Chantal Miller, dochter o the billionaire Robert Warren Miller an sister o Alexandra von Fürstenberg. They haed issue.

Issue Eedit

  1. Princess Maria Olympia o Greece an Denmark (born 25 Julie 1996)
  2. Prince Constantine Alexios o Greece an Denmark (born 29 October 1998)
  3. Prince Achileas Andreas o Greece an Denmark (born 12 August 2000)
  4. Prince Odysseas Kimon o Greece an Denmark (born 17 September 2004)
  5. Prince Aristide Stavros o Greece an Denmark (born 29 Juin 2008)