Pauline Therese o Württemberg

Pauline Therese o Württemberg (Pauline Therese Luise; 4 September 1800 – 10 Mairch 1873) wis a wife o King Wilhelm I o Württemberg. She is aa cried "Pauline o Württemberg".

Pauline Therese o Württemberg
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Queen Pauline bi Georg Friedrich Erhardt.
Queen consort o Württemberg
Tenure15 Aprile 1820 - 25 Juin 1864
Born4 September 1800(1800-09-04)
Dee'd10 Mairch 1873(1873-03-10) (aged 72)
Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart
Buirial14 Mairch 1873
Schlosskirche, Ludwigsburg, Germany
SpouseWilliam I o Württemberg
IssuePrincess Katherina
Karl I, Keeng o Württemberg
Princess Auguste
Full name
Pauline Therese Luise
FaitherDuke Louis o Württemberg
MitherHenriette o Nassau-Weilburg


On 15 Aprile 1820 in Stuttgart, Pauline Therese mairit her first cousin King Wilhelm I o Württemberg. Pauline thus became Queen consort o Württemberg. She wis third wife, their mairiage wis unhappy, particularly because o the deep attachment William showed his mistress, the actress Amalia Stubenrauch. They haed nae childer.


  1. Princess Katherina o Württemberg (24 August 1821 – 6 December 1898) mairit Prince Friedrich o Württemberg an haed issue.
  2. Karl I o Württemberg ( 6 Mairch 1823 – 6 October 1891( mairit Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna o Roushie but haed nae issue.
  3. Princess Auguste o Württemberg (4 October 1826 – 3 December 1898) mairit Prince Hermann o Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach an haed issue.

Teetles an stylesEedit

  • 4 September 1800 - 26 December 1805 Her Serene Highness Duchess Pauline Therese o Württemberg.
  • 26 December 1805 - 15 Aprile 1820 Her Ryal Highness Duchess Pauline Therese o Württemberg.

.*15 Aprile 1820 - 25 Juin 1864 Her Majesty The Queen o Württemberg.

  • 25 Juin 1864 - 10 Mey 1873 Her Majesty The Dowager Queen o Württemberg.

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