Sir Patrick Geddes FRSE (2 October 1854 – 17 Apryle 1932) wis a Scots biologist,[2] sociologist, geografer, philanthropist an pioneerin toun planner.

Patrick Geddes
Patrick Geddes (1886).jpg
Patrick Geddes circa 1886
Born2 October 1854
Ballater, Aiberdeenshire, Scotland
Died17 Apryle 1932(1932-04-17) (aged 77)
Scots College, Montpellier, France
CitizenshipUnitit Kinrick
Alma materRoyal School of Mines
Kent forConurbation
Scientific career
InstitutionsLecturer in Zoology, Edinburgh University (1880–1888)
Professor o Botany, University College, Dundee (1888–1919)
Professor o Ceevics & Sociology, Bombay University, India (1920–1923)
InfluencesThomas Henry Huxley
SignaturP Geddes, Collegé du Ecossais, Montpellier 21/12/26.
Fellae o the Ryal Society o Edinburgh (1880)
Co-foonder o the University o Bombay[1]
Co-foonder o the Sociological Society[1]
Foonder o the Edinburgh Social Union[1]
Foonder o the Franco-Scottish Society[1]
Planned the Hebrew University at Jerusalem[1]
Foonder o the Collège des Écossais in Montpellier (1924)


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