Park (Korean surname)

faimily name (박)
(Reguidit frae Park (name))

Park is a common Korean surname, tradeetionally foondit bi King Hyeokgeose an theoretically inclusive o aw his stryndants. In Cheenese characters (Hanja), it wis written as ; in Hangul, it is written .

Faimily name
Region o originKorea
Leid(s) o originKorean
Relatit namesBak, Pak
Revised RomanisationBak
Percentage o faimily names in Sooth Korea

Foondin legendEedit

Accordin tae the legend, a white horse led a veelage chief tae the location o a big egg, an King Hyeokgeose wis said tae hae been hatched frae it amid rays o licht. He wis namit efter the bak (Lagenaria leucantha), a faimily o Asie gourd seemilar tae the African calabash, frae the egg's resemblance.

Position in societyEedit

King Hyeokgeose wis said tae hae foondit the Korean kinrick o Silla at the age o thirteen in 57 BC.

Park wis ane o the ryal hooses o the Korean kinrick o Silla. Awtho it failed tae tak the poseetion o the rulin hoose o Silla durin the kinrick's middle age, maist o its queen consorts wur frae the hoose o Park. When Silla wis at the verge o fallin, Park regained the poseetion o the rulin hoose. Housomeivver, King Gyeongae wis murthert bi Gyeon Hwon in 927 an thare wur nae mair kings frae the Parks efter him.

Efter the faw o Silla, it became a major noble hoose o Korea. Durin the Goryeo dynasty, maist o the fowk who passed the heichest-level state examination, which wis implementit tae recruit rankin offeecials durin the Goryeo dynasty, wur Parks. The first General tae defeat the Mongols in warld history wis General Park Seo, who commandit the defence o the fortress o Guju in 1231.

Kings o the Park dynastyEedit

# Name Period o reign
1 Hyeokgeose o Silla 57 BC - 4 AD
2 Namhae o Silla 4 - 24
3 Yuri o Silla 24 - 57
4 Pasa o Silla 80 - 112
5 Jima o Silla 112 - 134
6 Ilseong o Silla 134 - 154
7 Adalla o Silla 154 - 184
8 Sindeok o Silla 912 - 917
9 Gyeongmyeong o Silla 917 - 924
10 Gyeongae o Silla 924 - 927


Efter faw o Silla, it wis dividit intae several clans. Accordin tae the last census in 2000 [1] Archived 2007-06-26 at the Wayback Machine, thare are 161 Park clans in Sooth Korea.

Clan name (Region) Clan progenitor Percentage (%) (2000)
Miryang (Miryang) Grand Prince Eun-Chim o Milseong 77.8
Bannam (Naju) Lord Hojang 3.6
Juksan (Andong) Grand Prince Eun-Rip o Juksan 1.4
Yeonghae (Yeongdeok) Park Je-Sang 0.7
Chungju (Chungju) Park Sang 0.6
Myeoncheon (Dangjin) Park Sul-Hee 0.1
Pyeongsan (Ichon) Keeng Park Hyokgose, foonder o Silla 0.01

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