Paris Peace Conference, 1919

Johannes Bell o Germany signin the peace treaties on the 28t o Juin 1919.

The Paris Peace Conference, an aa kent as Versailles Peace Conference, wis the meetin o the Allied victors, follaein the end o Warld War I tae set the peace terms for the defeatit Central Pouers follaein the armistices o 1918. It teuk place in Paris during 1919 an involved diplomats frae mair nor 32 kintras an naitionalities. The major deceesions war the creation o the League o Naitions; the five peace treaties wi defeatit enemies, includin the Treaty o Versailles wi Germany; the awairdin o German an Ottoman owerseas possessions as "mandates," chiefly tae Breetain an Fraunce; reparations imposed on Germany, an the drawin o new naitional boondaries (sometimes wi plebiscites) tae better reflect the forces o naitionalism.