Pape Urban V (Laitin: Urbanus V; 1310 – 19 December 1370), born William de Grimoard,[1] wis Pape frae 28 September 1362 tae his daith in 1370.

Blessed Pape
Urban V
Papa Urbanus Quintus.jpg
Installed28 September 1362
Term endit19 December 1370
PredecessorInnocent VI
SuccessorGregory XI
Consecration6 November 1362
bi Andouin Aubert
Personal details
Birth nameWilliam de Grimoard
Grizac, Languedoc, Kinrick o Fraunce
Died(1370-12-19)19 December 1370
Avignon, Papal States
Previous post
  • Abbot o the Abbey o Saunt Victor (1361-1362)
  • Abbot Ordinary o Monte Cassino (1366-1369)
  • Admeenistrator o Avignon (1366-1367)
Veneratit inRoman Catholic Kirk
Beatified10 Mairch 1870
bi Pius IX
Ither papes named Urban


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