Pape Sergius III

Pope Sergius III (c. 860 − 14 Apryle 911) wis Pape frae 29 Januar 904 tae his daith in 911. He wis pape in a period o feudal veeolence an disorder in central Italy, whan warrin aristocratic factions socht tae uise the material an militar resoorces o the Papacy.[1] Acause Sergius III haed reputitly ordered the murther o his twa immediate predecessors, Leo V an Christopher, an allegedly faithered an illegitimate son that later becam pape (John XI), his pontificate haes been variously descrived as "dismal an disgracefu",[2] an "efficient an ruthless".[3]

Sergius III
Pope Sergius III.jpg
Installed29 Januar 904
Term endit14 Apryle 911
PredecessorLeo V
SuccessorAnastasius III
Personal details
Birth nameSergius
BornRoum, Papal States
Died(0911-04-14)14 Apryle 911
Roum, Papal States
Ither papes named Sergius


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