Pape Leo III (Laitin: Leo PP. III, Italian: Leone III; 750 – 12 Juin 816) wis the heid o the Catholic Kirk frae 795 tae his daith in 816.[1] Protectit bi Charlemagne frae his enemies in Roum, he subsequently strengthened Charlemagne's poseetion bi crounin him Holy Roman Emperor.

Pape Saunt
Pope Leo III.jpg
Installed27 December 795
Term endit12 Juin 816
PredecessorAdrian I
SuccessorStephen IV
Personal details
Birth nameUnkent
Roum, Exarchate o Ravenna,
Roman Empire
Died(816-06-12)12 Juin 816
Place o daith unkent
Feast day12 Juin
Ither papes named Leo


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