Pape Gregory I (Laitin: Gregorius I; c. 540 – 12 Mairch 604), commonly kent as Saunt Gregory the Great,[1] wis Pape frae 3 September 590 tae his daith in 604.

Pope Saint
Gregory I
Gregory I - Antiphonary of Hartker of Sankt Gallen.jpg
Pape Gregory dictatin the Gregorian chant
Papacy began3 September 590
Papacy endit12 Mairch 604
PredecessorPelagius II
Consecration3 September 590
Personal details
Birth nameGregorius Anicius
Bornc. 540
Roum, Byzantine Empire
Died(604-03-12)12 Mairch 604 (aged 64)
Roum, Byzantine Empire
BuriedSt. Peter's Basilica (1606)
ParentsGordianus & Silvia
Feast day
  • 3 September (Roman Catholic Kirk)
  • 12 Mairch (Eastren Kirks, Anglicanism, Lutheranism)
Veneratit in
Ither papes named Gregory


  1.   Huddleston, Gilbert (1909). "Pope St. Gregory I ("the Great")" . Catholic Encyclopedia. 6. New York: Robert Appleton Company. Gregory had come to be known as 'the Great' by the late ninth century, a title which is still applied to him. See John Moorhead, Gregory the Great, (Routledge, 2005), p1