Paolo Caliari, kent as Paolo Veronese (1528–1588), wis an Italian Renaissance penter, based in Venice, kent for lairge-format history pentins o releegion an meethologie, such as The Wedding at Cana(1563) an The Feast in the Hoose o Levi (1573). Includit wi Titian, a generation aulder, an Tintoretto, a decade senior, Veronese is ane o the “great trio that dominatit Venetian pentin o the cinquecento” an the Late Renaissance in the 16t century.[1] Kent as a supreme colourist, an efter an early period wi Mannerism, Paolo Veronese developed a naituralist style o pentin, influenced bi Titian.[2]

Paolo Veronese
Paolo Veronese, avtoportret.jpg
Died19 April 1588
Kent forPentin
Patron(s)Barbarigo faimily, Barbaro faimily


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