The Palatine Hill (Laitin: Collis Palatium or Mons Palatinus) is the centermaist o the Seiven Hills o Roum an is ane o the maist auncient pairts o the ceety. It staunds 40 metres[1] abuin the Forum Romanum, leukin doun upon it on ane side, an upon the Circus Maximus on the ither.

The Palatine Hill
Ane o the seven hills o Roum
Laitin namePalatium
Italian nameColle Palatino
BigginsFlavian Palace
FowkCicero, Augustus, Tiberius, Domitian
EventsFindin o Romulus an Remus
Auncient Roman releegionTemple o Apollo Palatinus, Temple o Cybele, Lupercalia, Secular Gemmes
Meethological figursRomulus an Remus, Faustulus

It is the etymological origin o the wird "palace" an its cognates in ither leids (Italian "Palazzo", French "Palais", German "Palast", etc.).


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