Pailace o la Zarzuela

The Pailace o la Zarzuela (Spaingie: Palacio de la Zarzuela [paˈlaθjo ðe la θaɾˈθwela]) is the residence o Keeng Felipe VI an Queen Letizia o Spain and their family. The pailace is on the outskirts o Madrid, near the Ryal Pailace o El Pardo. The complex aa hooses the official residence o King Felipe VI an his faimily in a nearby mansion. During the 17t century, Keeng Felipe V o Spain ordered a coontry pailace or hunting lodge tae be built at La Zarzuela near Madrid. The name "Zarzuela" is thocht tae be derived frae the wird "zarzas" meaning brambles, due to its function aa a hunting lodge, meaning that it is situated amongst the brambles o the King's Hunting Grounds. It was a rectangular, slate-roofed building with twa lateral arcades. Keeng Carlos IV haed the building altered tae adapt it to 18t century fashion, an adorned it with tapestries an porcelain, aa well aa furniture an his much-loved clocks. The building wis designed bi Juan Gómez de Mora an Alonso Carbonel.

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