Pailace o Ribeira

(Reguidit frae Pailace o Ribiera)

The Pailace o Ribeira or cried the Ribeira Pailace (Portuguese pronunciation: [ʀiˈbɐi̯ɾɐ]; Portuguese: Paço da Ribeira) wis the main residence o the Kings o Portugal, in Lisbon, for around 250 year. Its construction wis ordered bi King Manuel I o Portugal when he found the Ryal Alcáçova o São Jorge unsuitable. The pailace complex underwent numerous reconstructions an reconfigurations frae the original Manueline design, ending with its final Mannerist an Baroque form.

French drawing o the Pailace o Ribeira.

The pialace, as well along with most o the ceety o Lisbon, wis destroyed in the 1755 Lisbon yirdquauk. After the yirdquauk, the reigning monarch, King José I, suffered frae claustrophobia an chose tae live the rest o his life in a group o pavilions in the hills o Ajuda, an thus the palace wis niver rebuilt.

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