The Orion Nebula (an aa kent as Messier 42, M42, or NGC 1976) is a diffuse nebula situatit in the Milky Way, bein sooth o Orion's Belt in the constellation o Orion.[b]

Orion Nebula
Diffuse nebula
Orion Nebula - Hubble 2006 mosaic 18000.jpg
The entire Orion Nebula in a composite image o veesible licht an infrareid.
Observation data: J2000 epoch
Richt ascension05h 35m 17.3s[1]
Declination−05° 23′ 28″[1]
Distance1,344±20 ly   (412[3] pc)
Apparent magnitude (V)+4.0[4]
Apparent dimensions (V)65×60 arcmins[5]
Physical characteristics
Radius12[a] ly
Absolute magnitude (V)
Notable featursTrapezium cluster
DesignationsNGC 1976, M42,
LBN 974, Sharpless 281
See also: Leets o nebulae


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Coordinates:   05h 35m 17.3s, −05° 23′ 28″