Order o the Skep bee

The Order o the Skep bee wis an Order o chivalry creatit bi Louise Bénédicte de Bourbon, Duchess o Maine, an dochter-in-law o Louis XIV. It wis set up in Juin 1703 an wis offered tae members an fiends o their own coort an residence at the Château de Sceaux. The Duchess o Maine gave the order tae thirty-nine fowk, including Jean Baptiste Rousseau, Montesquieu an some fowk frae her hoosehold.

Order o the Skep bee
Orden der Honigbiene.jpg
Coin o the Order.
Awairdit bi The Duchess o Maine
Teep Order o chivalry
Eligibility Member o the coort o the Château de Sceaux
Status extinct
Established 11 Juin 1703


In Mey o 1692 mairit Louis Auguste de Bourbon, Duke o Maine, himsel an illegirimate son o Louis XIV an his former mistress Madame de Montespan. During the Regency o Philippe d'Orlèans (1715-1723) the couple caused scandal bi trying tae replace the Regent with the Prince o Cellamare wis discovered an the Duke an Duchess o Maine were banish frae the ryal coort o Versailles with the young keeng Louis XV wis livin. They resided at the Château de Sceaux.


Each member haed a robe embroidered with silver thread, a wig in the shape o a beehive and a medal embossed with a profile o Louise Bénédicte an engraved with the letters L. BAR. D. SC. D.P.D.L.O.D.L.M.A.M, meaning Louise, baronne de Sceaux, dictatrice perpétuelle de l'ordre de la Mouche à miel ("Louise, baroness o Sceaux, perpetual dictator o Order o the Skep Bee").