Oranienbaum Pailace

The Oranienbaum Pailace is a former pailace in Roushie. In 1707, four years after Peter the Great founded the ceety o Saunt Petersburg, he gave the grounds near the seaside tae his right-hand man, Aleksander Danilovich Menshikov, "Prince Menshikov. The pailace an grounds overlook the Gulf o Finland.

View o the "Grand Menshikov Pailace" at Oranienbaum.

Brief historyEedit

Prince Menshikov commissioned the architects Giovanni Maria Fontana an Gottfried Schädel, who built his residence, the Grand Menshikov Pailace frae 1710 tae 1727 (not tae be confused with Menshikov Pailace in Saunt Petersburg, built by the same architects around the same time). The central part o the Pailace is connected bi twa galleries with two domed Japanese and Kirk Pavilions. The Lower Garden, decorated with fountains an sculptures, and the Upper Garden were laid out at the same time. The Pailace is located near the Lower Park, whose composite axis is a channel leading tae the sea. This channel is an imitation o one designed bi Peter himsel at his nearby residence o Peterhof Pailace. It is also cried The Grand Menshikov Pailace.

Menshikov wis deposed shortly after Peter's daith, an died in exile, and the palace passed out o his faimily. In 1743, Oranienbaum became the summer residence o Grand Duke Peter Fedorovitch, the heir o Empress Elizabeth (the future Emperor Peter III). Over the last ten years o Elizabeth's reign, Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli reconstructed the Grand Pailace, adding tae its decor.

Oranienbaum wis granted toun status in 1710, an wis initially applied tae the Oranienbaum pailace complex, built atween 1710 an 1725 opposite Kronstadt, in the neighbourhood o the imperial residence Peterhof Pailace, bi the architects Giovanni Mario Fontana and Gottfried Johann Schadel, and wis intended for Prince Menshikov, a close associate o Peter the Great. The original name o the toun translates to "orange tree" in German (in modern German, the wird is Orangenbaum), an is believe tae have been derived frae the pailace complex which haed greenhouses tae grow exotic plants such as orange trees.

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