Opium Wars

The Opium Wars, kent as the Anglo-Cheenese Wars an aw, comprise the First Opium War frae 1839 tae 1842 an the Seicont Opium War frae 1856 tae 1860. These wur the climax o disputes ower trade an diplomatic relations atween Cheenae unner the Qing Dynasty an the Breetish Empire.

Opium Wars
Second Opium War-guangzhou.jpg
Combat at Guangzhou (Canton) during the Seicont Opium War
Date1839–1842, 1856–1860
Result Victory o the Wastern pouers ower Cheenae, resultin in the Treaty o Nanjing an the Treaties o Tientsin
Hong Kong Island an soothren Kowloon cedit tae the Unitit Kinrick

Unitit Kinrick Breetish Empire
Fraunce French Empire (1856–1860)

United States Unitit States (1856 an 1859)
Qing Dynasty