Omer Tarin (born Mairch 1966, in Peshawar) is a weel-kent poet an scholar frae Pakistan.[1] His poetry is kenspeckle fer its leerical an meestical tain.[2]

Omer Tarin (Omar Tarin an Omer Tareen an aw)
Peshawar, Pakistan



Tarin wis born in 1966 tae the Tarin (or Tareen) faimily, or clan, o the Hazara region o the North-Wast Frontier (nou Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), while his faither wis postit as a senior civil servant an admeenistrator in Peshawar.[3] Frae his mither's side, he is relatit tae the Hayat faimily, o the Khattar tribe o Wah, in North Punjab.[4][5] He wis eddicatit at the Burn Hall School (nou Army Burn Hall College), Abbottabad an the Aitchison College, Lahore, Pakistan, afore graduatin frae the Varsity o the Punjab, Lahore.[6] He later haed sindry heicher degrees in Inglis an History/Post-colonial Studies frae Pakistan an the Unitit Kinrick respective-like.



Efter a short time in the ceevil service o Pakistan, Tarin demittit tae become a fu time varsity lecturer an resairch scholar an involved hissel in leeterar an academic pursuits. He haes furthset fower volumes o poetry in Inglis sae far, widely reviewed in Pakistan an abroad, as weel as several poems furtheset in anthologies an collections warldwide. His volumes o poetry ar : A Sad Piper (1994; 1996 UK), The Anvil of Dreams (1995), Burnt Offerings (1996, 1997)[7] an The Harvest of Love Songs (1997, 2000; an UK ed 2003). Syne 2004, he haesnae furthset ony new volumes o poetry awtho he haes been pittin oot poems independently frae time til time.[8][9] In recent years, he haes been involved in sindry leeterar an historical projecks o a academic natur an aw, chief focussin on the colonial history o Sooth Asie,[10] in pairticular North-Wastren Pakistan. Recent academic publications include warks on militar history/campaigns on the Frontier an some wark on Rudyard Kipling an Kipling's Indie.[11] A nummer o thir warks ar available or referenced onwab, an wis furthset in the Kipling Journal,[12][13] UK an the Journal of the Indian Military Historical Society, the UK an aw. He haes diverse academic an leeterar interests an is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society, UK, The Tolkien Society (UK), associate o the Kipling Society, an the Indian Military Historical Society (IMHS).[14]

In addeetion tae his leeterar an academic interests, Omer Tarin haes lang been involved in limitit social activism an aw, espeicial in relation tae environmental, forests an wildlife conservation, in his native airt. He maks occasional comments on sindry aspecks o global politics an environmental issues in the media an aw.[15]

Hazara hills an forests near Abbottabad


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