Olga Nikolaevna o Roushie

Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna o Roushie (11 September 1822 – 30 October 1892) wis a member o the Russian imperial faimily who became Queen consort o Württemberg as wife o Karl I o Württemberg, with whom she had nae childer. She wis the second dochter o Nicholas I o Roushie an Charlotte o Proushie. She was thus a sister o the future Alexander II o Roushie.

Olga Nikolaevna o Roushie
Queen Olga of Württemberg (1822-1892).jpg
Queen consort o Württemberg
Tenur25 Juin 1864 – 6 October 1891
Born11 September 1822
Saunt Petersburg, Russia
Dee'd30 October 1892 (1892-10-31) (aged 70)
Friedrichshafen, Württemberg
Buirial4 November 1892
Schlosskirche, Stuttgart, Germany
SpouseCharles I
HooseHoose o Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov
FaitherNicholas I o Roushie
MitherCharlotte o Proushie

Teetles an stylesEedit

  • 11 September 1822 – 13 Julie 1846 Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna o Roushie.
  • 13 Julie 1846 – 25 Juin 1864 Her Imperial an Ryal Highness The Croun Princess o Württemberg.
  • 25 Juin 1864 – 6 October 1891 Her Majesty The Queen o Württemberg.
  • 6 October 1891 – 30 October 1892 Her Majesty The Queen Dowager o Württemberg.

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