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Flavius Odoacer (433[1]–493), an aa kent as Flavius Odovacer (Italian: Odoacre, Laitin: Odoacerus[2] German: Odoaker), wis a soldier, who in 476 acame the first Keeng o Italy (476–493).

Flavius Odoacer
Keeng o Italy
Odovacar Ravenna 477.jpg
Coin o Odoacer, Ravenna, 477, wi Odoacer in profile, depictit wi a "barbarian" moutash.
Ring 476–493
Predecessor None (Teetle creatit efter abolishment o Wastren Roman Empire)
Successor Theoderic the Great
Born c. 433
Pannonia, Wastren Roman Empire
Dee'd 15 Mairch 493 (age 60)
Ravenna, Kinrick o Italy
Faither Edeko
Releegion Arianism


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