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On 15 Apryle 2019, shortly afore 18:40 CEST, a fire brak oot in the ruif o the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, Fraunce, causin considerable damage tae the biggin. The cathedral's spire an ruif collapsed, an signeeficant damage wis duin tae the interior o the kirk as weel as its airtifacts.[1][2]

Notre-Dame de Paris Fire
Incendie Notre Dame de Paris.jpg
The cathedral on fire
Notre-Dame Cathedral is locatit in Paris
Notre-Dame Cathedral
Notre-Dame Cathedral
Notre-Dame Cathedral (Paris)
Date15 Apryle 2019 (2019-04-15)
TimeApprox. 18:50 CEST
VenueNotre-Dame de Paris, Île de la Cité, Paris
LocationParis, Fraunce
Coordinates48°51′11″N 2°20′59″E / 48.8530°N 2.3498°E / 48.8530; 2.3498Coordinates: 48°51′11″N 2°20′59″E / 48.8530°N 2.3498°E / 48.8530; 2.3498


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