Norman Fowler, Baron Fowler

Peter Norman Fowler, Baron Fowler, Kt PC (born 2 Februar 1938) is a Breetish politeecian wha wis a member o Margaret Thatcher's meenistry. He is currently the Laird Speaker, haein taken up that office at the beginnin o September 2016.

The Laird Fowler

Laird Speaker
Assumed office
1 September 2016
MonarchElizabeth II
Precedit biThe Baroness D'Souza
Shaidae Hame Secretar
In office
2 Juin 1998 – 15 Juin 1999
LeaderWilliam Hague
Precedit biBrian Mawhinney
Succeedit biAnn Widdecombe
Shaidae Secretar o State for the Environs, Transport an the Regions
In office
11 Juin 1997 – 1 Juin 1998
LeaderWilliam Hague
Precedit biThe Laird Young o Cookham
Succeedit biGillian Shephard
Chairman o the Conservative Pairty
In office
11 Mey 1992 – 15 Julie 1994
LeaderJohn Major
Precedit biChris Patten
Succeedit biJeremy Hanley
Secretar o State for Employment
In office
13 Juin 1987 – 3 Januar 1990
Prime MeenisterMargaret Thatcher
Precedit biDavid Young
Succeedit biMichael Howard
Secretar o State for Social Services
In office
14 September 1981 – 13 Juin 1987
Prime MeenisterMargaret Thatcher
Precedit biPatrick Jenkin
Succeedit biJohn Moore
Secretar o State for Transport
In office
5 Januar 1981 – 14 September 1981
Prime MeenisterMargaret Thatcher
Precedit biHimsel (Meenister o State)
Succeedit biDavid Howell
Meenister o State for Transport
In office
4 Mey 1979 – 5 Januar 1981
Prime MeenisterMargaret Thatcher
Precedit biBill Rodgers
Succeedit biHimsel (Secretar o State)
Shaidae Secretar o State for Transport
In office
15 Januar 1976 – 4 Mey 1979
LeaderMargaret Thatcher
Precedit bi???
Succeedit biBill Rodgers
Shaidae Secretar o State for Heal an Social Services
In office
18 Februar 1975 – 15 Januar 1976
LeaderMargaret Thatcher
Succeedit biPatrick Jenkin
Member o Pairlament
for Sutton Coldfield
In office
28 Februar 1974 – 7 Juin 2001
Precedit biGeoffrey Lloyd
Succeedit biAndrew Mitchell
Member o Pairlament
for Nottingham South
In office
18 Juin 1970 – 28 Februar 1974
Precedit biGeorge Perry
Succeedit biConstituency abolished
Personal details
Born (1938-02-02) 2 Februar 1938 (age 82)
Chelmsford, Unitit Kinrick
Poleetical pairtySpeaker
Ither poleetical
Conservative (until 2016)
Alma materTrinity Hall, Cambridge