The Nintendo DS (ニンテンドーDS, Nintendō Dī Esu) is a dual-screen handheld gemme console developed an released bi Nintendo.

Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS logo
An open, electric blue oreeginal Nintendo DS seestem.
An electric blue original Nintendo DS.
An aa kent asiQue DS
Product faimilyNintendo DS faimily
TypeHandheld gemme console
GenerationSeivent generation era
Release date
          Retail availability2004–2007
          DiscontinuedDecember 31, 2007
          Units sauldWarldwide: 153.98 million, aw models combined (as o December 31, 2013)[1] (details)
          MediaNintendo DS Game Card
          Game Boy Advance cartridge
          CPUOne 67.028 MHz ARM946E-S[2] and one 33.514 MHz ARM7TDMI
          Storage capacity4 MB RAM
          Cartridge save
          Online servicesNintendo Wi-Fi Connection
          Best-sellin gemmeNew Super Mario Bros., 30.38 million (as o Mairch 31, 2013)[3]
          Game Boy Advance (DS & DS Lite anly)
          PredecessorGame Boy Advance (Game Boy line)
          SuccessorNintendo DS Lite (redesign)
          Nintendo DSi (redesign)
          Nintendo DSi XL (redesign)
          Nintendo 3DS (successor)


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