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Nicolaus Copernicus (in Laitin; German: Niklas Koppernigk, Pols Mikołaj Kopernik); 19 Februar, 147324 Mey, 1543) wis a Pols astronomer, mathematician an economist that cam up wi the heliocentric (Sun-centred) theory o the solar seestem in a form detailt eneuch tae mak it scienteefically uisefu.

Nicolaus Copernicus
Nikolaus Kopernikus.jpg
The "Torun portrait" (anonymous, c. 1580), kept in Toruń toun haw.[1]
Born 19 Februar 1473(1473-02-19)
Toruń (Thorn), Ryal Proushie,
Kinrick o Poland
Died 24 Mey 1543(1543-05-24) (aged 70)
Frombork (Frauenburg),
Prince-Bishopric o Warmia,
Ryal Proushie, Kinrick o
Alma mater
Kent for Heliocentrism
Copernicus' Law
Copernican principle
Scientific career
  • Astronomy
  • Canon law
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Politics
Influences Aristarchus o Samos, Martianus Capella
Influenced Johannes Kepler
Signatur Nicolaus Copernicus signature (podpis Mikołaja Kopernika).svg

Copernicus wis born in 1473 in the ceety o Thorn (Toruń) in Ryal Proushie. There's a story that the first prentit copy o De revolutionibus wis pitten intil Copernicus's haunds the same day he dee'd, sae that he coud say guidbye tae his opus vitae. They say that he waukent frae a coma, keekit at his beuk, an dee'd.


  1. The auldest kent portrait o Copernicus is that on Strasbourg astronomical clock, made bi Tobias Stimmer c. 1571–4. Accordin tae the inscription next tae the portrait, it wis made frae a sel-portrait bi Copernicus himsel. This has led tae speculation that the Torun portrait mey be a copy based on the same sel-portrait, but its provenance is unkent. André Goddu, Copernicus and the Aristotelian Tradition (2010), p. 436 (note 125), citing Goddu, review of: Jerzy Gassowski,Poszukiwanie grobu Mikolaja Kopernika in: Journal for the History of Astronomy 38.2 (May 2007), p. 255.


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