Nicolas François, Duke o Lorraine

Nicolas François, Duke o Lorraine 6 December 1609 – 25 Januar 1670), aa cried Nicolas II, wis briefly Duke o Lorraine an Duke o Bar for a few months in 1634, spanning the time atween the abdication o his older brither an his own resignation. He wis therefore Duke during the invasion o Lorraine bi the French in the Thirty Years War.

Nicolas François o Lorraine
Duke o Lorraine
Born6 December 1609
Dee'd25 Januar 1670(1670-01-25) (aged 60)
Buirial4 Julie 1670
SpouseClaude Françoise o Lorraine
IssueCharles V, Duke o Lorraine
Anne Marie Thérèse, Abbess o Remiremont
Full name
Nicolas François de Lorraine
FaitherFrancis II o Lorraine
MitherChristina o Salm
ReleegionRoman Catholic
Crown of a Duke of France.svg
Lorraine Arms 1538.svg


He mairit his cousin Claude Françoise o Lorraine at Lunéville on 18 Februar 1634.


  1. Ferdinand Philippe, Hereditary Prince o Lorraine, suo jure Duke o Bar (29 December 1639 – 1 Aprile 1659)
  2. Charles Léopold, Duke o Lorraine (3 April 1643 – 18 Aprile 1690) mairit Eleonore o Austrick an haed issue.
  3. Anne Eléanore o Lorraine (12 Mey 1645 – 28 Februar 1648) died in infancy.
  4. Anne Marie Thérèse o Lorraine (30 Julie 1648 – 17 Juin 1661) Abbess o Remiremont.
  5. Marie Anne o Lorraine (born 30 Julie 1648, date of daith unkent).

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