New Warld

The New Warld is ane o the names uised for the Wastren Hemisphere, specifically the Americas, certain Atlantic an Paceefic oceanic islands tae which the closest continental shelf is that o the Americas (such as Bermuda), an sometimes Oceanie (Australasie). The term oreeginatit in the early 16t century efter Europeans made landfaw in, what would later be cried, "the Americas," in the age o discovery, expandin the geographical horizon o the fowk o the Middle Ages, who haed thoucht o the warld as consistin o Africae, Asie, an Europe anly: collectively nou referred tae as the Auld Warld. The term wis first coined bi Florentine splorer Amerigo Vespucci. The Americas wur an aa referred tae as the "fowerth pairt o the warld".[1]

"New Warld" depictit as the Americas an Oceanie, distinguished frae the three pairts o the "Auld Warld" (Europe, Asie, Africae).


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