Netflix is an American provider o on-demand Internet streamin media available tae viewers in aw o Australie,[7] New Zealand, Sooth Americae, Japan, North Americae an pairts o Europe (Denmark, Fraunce, Germany, The Netherlands, Norawa, Swaden, Finland, Swisserland, Austrick, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland an Unitit Kinrick),[8] an o flat rate DVD-bi-mail in the Unitit States, whaur mailed DVDs an Blu-ray are sent via Permit Reply Mail.

Netflix, Inc.
Teep o steid
Foondit1997; 27 years ago (1997)[1]
HeidquartersLos Gatos, Californie, Unitit States
Area servedWarldwide (except for mainland Cheenae, North Korea, an Sirie)[2]
CEOReed Hastings
Key fowkDavid Wells
(Chief Financial Officer)
Neil Hunt
(Chief Technology Officer)
Ted Sarandos
(Chief Content Officer)
ProductsVideo streamin, online DVD an Blu-ray Disc rental
RevenueIncreaseUS$11.692 billion (2017)[3]
Operatin incomeIncreaseUS$ 839 million (2017)[4]
Net incomeIncreaseUS$ 559 million (2017)[4]
Tot assetsIncreaseUS$ 19.013 billion (2017)[4]
Total equityIncreaseUS$ 3.582 billion (2017)[4]
EmployeesIncrease 5,400 (2017)[5]
Alexa rankIncrease 36[6]
Users125 million warldwide[4]


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