Neith (/nθ/ or /nθ/; an aa spelled Nit, Net, or Neit) wis an early goddess in the Egyptian pantheon. She wis the patron deity o Sais, whaur her cult wis centred in the Wastren Nile Delta o Egyp an attestit as early as the First Dynasty.[1] The Auncient Egyptian name o this ceety wis Zau.

Goddess o war, huntin, an wiceheid
The Egyptian goddess Neith bearin her war goddess seembols, the crossed arraes an shield on her heid, the ankh an the was staff. She sometimes wears the Reid Croun o Lawer Egyp.
Name in hieroglyphs
Major cult centrerSais
Symbolthe bow, the shield, the crossed arrows
ConsortKhnum or Set (meethology)
AffspringSobek or Ra an Apep

Neith an aa wis ane o the three tutelary deities o the auncient Egyptian soothren ceety o Ta-senet or Iunyt nou kent as Esna (Arabic: إسنا), Greek: Λατόπολις (Latopolis), or πόλις Λάτων (Polis Laton), or Λάττων (Laton); Laitin: Lato), which is locatit on the wast bank o the River Nile, some 55 km sooth o Luxor, in the modren Qena Govrenorate.


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