Navajo leid

Navajo or Navaho ([Diné bizaad] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help)) is an Athabaskan leid o Na-Dené stock spoken in the soothwastren Unitit States. It is geographically an linguistically ane o the Soothren Athabaskan leids (the majority o Athabaskan leids are spoken in northwast Canadae an Alaska).

Diné bizaad
Native taeUnitit States
RegionArizona, New Mexico,
Utah, Colorado
Native speakers
(171,000 (self-reportit, 2007);[1]
120,000 fluent citit 1990)[2]
wi probably fewer in 2010
Leid codes
ISO 639-1nv
ISO 639-2nav
ISO 639-3nav
KB USA-Navajo.svg
Staundart Navajo keyboard layouts currently
in uise:
ASCII (top) an Unicode (bottom)

Navajo haes mair speakers than ony ither Hamespun American leid north o the U.S.–Mexico border, wi atween 120,000[2] an 170,700[1] speakers.


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