National Geographic (magazine)

National Geographic, umwhile the National Geographic Magazine, is the offeecial magazine of the National Geographic Society.

National Geographic
National Geographic Magazine March 2017 Cover.jpg
Mairch 2017 cover o National Geographic
EeditorSusan Goldberg[1]
CategoriesGeografie, Science, History, Naitur Culturs
Tot circulation
(Juin 2016)
6.1 million (Global)[2]
First issueSeptember 22, 1888; 132 years ago (1888-09-22)[3]
CompanyNational Geographic Partners
(21st Century Fox [73%],
National Geographic Society [27%])[4]
KintraUnitit States
Based inWashington, D.C.[5]
LeidInglis an various ither leids
OCLC number643483454


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