My Dying Bride are an Inglis doom metal baund formit in Bradford, Wast Yorkshire in 1990. Alang wi baunds such as Anathema, Paradise Lost, an Katatonia, they are ane o the forerunners o the daith/doom metal genre. While baunds like Paradise Lost an Katatonia hae expandit their muisical styles ayont doom metal, My Dying Bride haes continued tae play doom metal syne its foundation.

My Dying Bride
Fower members o My Dying Bride live. Left tae richt,
then clockwise: Aaron Stainthorpe,
Andrew Craighan, Sarah Stanton, Hamish Glencross.
Background information
OreiginBradford, Wast Yorkshire, Ingland
GenresDoom metal, daith/doom, gothic metal
Years active1990-present
LabelsPeaceville Records
MembersAaron Stainthorpe
Hamish Glencross
Andrew Craighan
Dan Mullins
Lena Abé
Shaun MacGowan
Past membersMartin Powell
Yasmin Ahmed
Calvin Robertshaw
Bill Law
Rick Miah
Shaun Steels
Adrian Jackson
Sarah Stanton
Katie Stone

Members eedit

Current members eedit

Umwhile members eedit

  • Martin Powell - Keybuirds, Violins (1991–1998)
  • Calvin Robertshaw - Guitar (1990–1999)
  • Yasmin Ahmed - Keybuirds (1998–2002)
  • Bill Law — Drums (1998–1999)
  • Rick Miah - Drums (1990–1997)
  • Shaun Taylor-Steels - Drums (1998–2006)
  • Adrian Jackson - Bass (1991–2007)
  • Sarah Stanton - Keybuirds (2002–2008)
  • Katie Stone — Violin, Keybuirds (2008–2009)

Session members eedit

  • Jonny Maudling - Session Keybuirds (Bal-Sagoth)
  • Michelle Richfield — Guest Female Vocals in "34.788%... Complete" album
  • Yasmin Ahmed — Keyboards (1999–2002)
  • John Bennett - Session Drums (2005–2006)

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